Testing Services

We offer a testing of electrical equipments for both residential and commercial properties.Drona rohitra pvt ltd. , is certified for iso 9001:2000. DRPL has set up a complete quality management system to offer the best customer satisfaction. Nothing has a higher priority than quality in engineering, in manufacturing, in sales and in services. The drpl total quality program is based on the philosophy of prevention, and not just on the detection and correction of problems after the occur.
In its quest to exceed the customers expectation by meeting their specified and implied needs at competitive prices and to ensure products and services of agreed quality on time every time, drpl is equipped to manufacture transformers a three phase distribution & power transformer.
All transformers are subjected to all routine tests in our sophisticated laboratory in factory confirming to latest national and international standard specifications. Tests are intended for use for the basic validation of design and the basis for performance, safety, and reliability of the transformers. DRPL is equipped with adequate digital readout measuring devices wherever required and the digital sampling techniques with computer calculations. Precision digital meters such as digital power analyser, WT -130 of GOPAL make are used for measuring of load losses, Impedance Voltage, No load losses, and no load currents.

Routine Tests In

  • Insulation Resistance Test
  • Resistance measurement of winding
  • Turns Ratio Test
  • Polarity and phase relationship test
  • No Load losses measurement
  • Excitation current measurement
  • Impedance voltage test
  • Load Loss measurement
  • Insulation oil Test
  • Dielectric tests includes applied voltage test and induced voltage test.
  • Leakage Test of transformer tank

Type of Tests

Type tests are made to prove to withstand the all irregularties in transmission/distribution line. DRPL have inhouse facility to undergo temperature rise and impulse test conforming to meet to latest national and international standard specifications. Other tests such as short circuit withstand tests (Dynamic & Thermal) are conducted at an independent govt. recognized testing laboratory at Central Power Research Institute, Bhopal/Banglore, INDIA. Type tests are special tests. The test charges are to be borne by the customer.

  • Impulse Voltage Test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Short Circuit Test

Guarantee/ Warantee of the transformer

DRPL hereby warrant that the transformers supplied by us shall have no defect arising from the design, Materials or workmanship that may develop under normal use of the transformers in the conditions prevailing at the site of installation. This warranty does not cover accessories like porcelain bushings and its metal parts and breather.
This warranty will be valid if the installation and maintenance of the transformers is not done as per our "Manual of installation, operation and maintenance" provided with the transformer.
The guarantee of the individual transformer to be supplied shall be for 12 (Twelve) months from the date of delivery against any delivery manufacturing defect on account of improper design, bad workmanship or poor quality of raw material used etc. and any such defects occurring within the above period will be repaired/replaced by us free of cost, provided the maintenance of transformer are done as per relevant ISS/CBIP specification.

  • Impulse Voltage Test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Short Circuit Test